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Leliana: I do not understand why you hate birds so much.
Shale: It is because I had to endure their chirping, their perching, and most especially their constant shi-
Leliana: -No, I understand that part, but they were just being what they are.
Shale: Exactly. Disgusting vermin with wings. Darkspawn much be exterminated for being what they are, as well.
Leliana: But a bird is a creature of grace and beauty. They open their mouths and they sing!
Shale: The bard hears music. I hear a wail of banshees that boils my blood.
Leliana: But, what about a nightingale, or a swan?
Shale: They are not pigeons, it is true, still evil beasts of the sky.
Leliana: *sigh* I give up.

i love shale ^_^